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All I want is for everything to be okay. To wake up every morning without having to hear bad news. To talk about what’s bothering me and what my problems are without feeling like a burden. I just want someone to fucking look at me and tell me they know I’m not okay and just hold me. I’m fucking sick and tired of being alone.

Hey, you’re only little, you’ve got dozens of joyful years ahead of you, don’t sweat the little stuff, Chill out a bit and try not to fret about life’s swerves and bends, things are gonna improve for you, I’m sure of it but you’ve gotta try to cope a bit better. I hope I’m not repeating former lectures but I promise I know what I’m talking about! Big hugs!!!!

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Pretty bored of reading how others ‘hate looking in the mirror’ or despise themselves’ and getting arse kissing replies, fuck that, I think I’m awesome! Regards!!